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From The Desk Of: Joel Comm
To: All Online Entrepreneurs

Dear Friend,

Are you tired of building sites and creating products and then struggling to drive traffic and convert sales?

You’re not alone, many of the most successful internet marketers struggled before they were able to turn the corner and build multi-million dollar businesses.

Like you (and I), they wondered what was missing in their business, what the secret ingredient is to put their sites into high gear, and they wrack their brain trying to figure out what it could be.

I got that feeling as well, and it wasn’t until I was watching television one day, I was channel surfing and this infomercial interviewer was asking people on the street what they liked about some crazy fitness product and how they would use it.

And Bingo!

I can’t believe I missed it all along.

The answers I sought were right there under my nose, and they were “within” my visitors.

I just needed to ASK!

It’s funny cause I always tell my kids “It never hurts to ask” and yet I never applied this basic principle to my business.

So I started surveying my customers to find out what they liked about my business, what they didn’t like, what products they wanted for their business, and most of all..

“How I could help them.”

You see like most internet marketers you build sites and create products based on “your” likes, wants and needs. Not your visitors… Think about that for a second..

I tried some of the online survey tools, but they didn’t have all the features I wanted, and I gotreally tired of the monthly fees.

I couldn’t believe there wasn’t a great standalone, self-hosted survey script with all the features I needed, and features designed for online marketers.

So I developed one.. and I’ve been using it for months to generate volumes of ideas, feedback and market research on my customers.

This research has turned into Big Profits, not only by helping me create new products targeted to my customers, but in optimizing my salespages, addressing customer concerns and building customer loyalty

And best of all, I’ve decided to share it with you.


The World’s Best Form Creation Software For Marketers.

Imagine Being Able To Create Unlimited…

  • Simple Questionnaires
  • Complex Surveys
  • Contact Forms
  • Job Applications
  • Testimonial Generators
  • Database Entry Forms
  • Feedback Forms
  • File Uploaders
  • Tests and Quizzes
  • Or Collect Data of Virtually Any Kind

In Minutes…

InstantFormPro is a Marketer’s Dream!

No programming experience is needed and Instant Form Pro Installs easily onYOUR DOMAIN.   Install and publish your first survey within minutes.

We Now Offer FREE Installation After Purchase

Works With Most All Publishing Platforms
(if you can load an iframe on your site, it will work)

Understand Your Customer’s Needs And Increase Your Conversions
Discover New Revenue Streams And Find Hidden Opportunities
Create Unlimited Surveys For Any Niche, Market or Industry
Create Professional Contact Forms and Stop Spammers
Add Bonuses For Completing Surveys and Upsell On Thank You Pages
Embed Form Code directly into your site – Match Branding and CSS.
Complete Video Training and Installation Service is Available

This is an absolutely amazing software!

“I am absolutely blown away with all of the features, not to mention how simple it is to use. I can’t believe you are making this software available for a one time fee! This is an absolute steal at this price! With how simple this is you can quit paying hourly rates to have custom forms or surveys built by others. I can see how it will be simple to get my investment back quickly with this product. Thanks for making survey and form creation easier! ”
Paul Counts – PaulCounts.com

Watch Our Demo Video

“Instant Form Pro is a new, robust survey tool that is like Survey Monkey, plus all the features you wished they had there.  It’s a marketing-centric tool, rather than the clumsy sort of interface I’ve typically seen in other data collecting resources. I’ll be using it in the near future to gather some affiliate statistics.”

Shawn Collins – affiliatetip.com


Drag and drop interface

Carefully designed for ease of use, InstantFormPro interface let you design your form as easy as drag and drop. It saves you time.

Numerous field type selections

Adding a field to your form is just as simple as clicking button. Text, paragraph, multiple choice, dropdown, address; you name it. InstantFormPro provides you with a complete set of well-designed field types to build your professional form. It makes you look professional.

Ultimate Spam Protection

Goodbye spam! InstantFormPro integrates the most secure and accessible CAPTCHA implementation from the reCAPTCHA project. CAPTCHA protects your forms against bots by generating distorted images or sound test which can only be read/hear by human.

Easy form manager

Form manager is the headquarters for all of your form building activities. Designed for high usability, so you can manage all of your forms in a simple, fun, non-confusing workspace.

Email integration

For every form submission, you will receive instant email notification containing complete form submission data. Multiple email addresses are supported. This allows you to respond quickly to your users.

MySQL database integration

All of your form submission data will be stored in MySQL database. No programming is needed; InstantFormPro has done all the hard work for you.

Form validation

Rules are available for most form fields. Required, this rule will make sure that a user fills out a particular field. No Duplicates, this rule will verify that the data entered into this field is unique and has not been submitted previously.

Easy installation wizard

One click installation. Yes, you read it correct! Only one click needed to finish the installation. Say goodbye to complicated installation steps. We make the wizard do the hard work for you.

Integrated with your website theme

Each form generated by InstantFormPro has its own CSS file. You can customize the style of each form independently. IFP blends seamlessly into your site. Check our Form Themes Gallery

File upload

Upload any file, as many as you want. No more limitation. Your hosting is the only limitation.  Images, docs, videos… (most server hosts allow uploads up to 2 MB without modifying php.ini file on server)

Export data to Excel or CSV

Export your form submission data to an Excel file. This allows you to further analyze your data, create charts, reports or any other data processing.

Show/hide any field

Fields that is set to Admin Only will not be shown to users when the form is made public. This is useful to create a field which is private just for you.

Great tooltip

Don’t let your users confused while filling out your form. Help them; put a nice tooltip with a descriptive guideline for each field. You don’t want to get useless data right?

Password protected form

If enabled, all users accessing the public form will then be required to type in the password to access the form. Your form is password protected.

Limit one entry per IP address

Use this to prevent users from filling out your form more than once. This is done by comparing user’s IP Address.

Customizable redirect/message after submission

After your users have successfully submitted an entry, you can redirect them to another website/URL of your choice, or just simply display your custom
success message.

Full PHP source code

We know you want flexibility. This is why InstantFormPro shipped with completely full PHP source code. You are allowed to modify it to suit your specific needs.
Please check our license for more info.


What if all those who completed your surveys, could share your survey links with their friends.  Our optional Tell-A-Friend form can drive fresh visitors to your forms.

Custom thank you pages

Create your own thank you pages either by entering your own html code, or using our WYSIWIG editor.

Add Our Bonus Reports As Incentives!

Affiliate program integration(optional)

Your InstantFormPro affiliate link can be encoded on all your surveys, AND you can opt to display more of our products on your thank you pages.

Excellent support

Yes technical support *is* a feature. We want you to enjoy total peace of mind knowing we provide the best technical support in the business.

Professional Survey Solutions with similar features to Instant Form Pro are being sold for as much as $800 per month.  Typical Hosted Solutions run up to $50 Per Month!

In today’s world, do you really want to give another company access to your customer list, survey data and pay another monthly hosting bill?

Here are just some of the Tremendous Advantages of using IFP as your form solution.

Instant Form Pro installs on your domain!
You Control all the Data, Forever! 
No Monthly Hosting Fees
Use on Unlimited Domains
Brand to match your Site Design
Earn Commissions as an Affiliate (the software sells itself)
Customizable Thank You Pages!

We could sell easily sell this product for $997.00, and more than a few top online marketers have told us we’re crazy to sell this software for any less than $497.00.

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you’re not satisfied with this product then we will refund your purchase price for up to 60 DAYS!

Joel Comm

P.S. – Your customers are dying to give you feedback, tell you their needs and wants.  Get started today and you can be implementing their feedback tomorrow.

P.P.S. – We’ve made it incredibly simple for you, even if you have never installed a script before, our tutorials, videos and support desk are ready to help you.


PHP version 4.3.0 or newer.
MySQL version 4.1.0 or newer.

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